Welcome to the Aycliffe & District Bus Preservation Society

[registered charity no 1158142]

The North East of England has a rich and varied industrial heritage. Public transport is part of that heritage and has affected everyday life in this northern region.

Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society are committed to preserving part of this heritage. The preservation of selected local vintage buses is an opportunity to bring the public at large the transport of yesteryear; an opportunity to ride, touch, smell, and see that which has now left the modern day scene.

The public’s interest in, and support of, the society is very much appreciated. Without your help, opportunities to preserve these vintage buses would be gone forever, leaving the North-East further down the list in preservation. Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society are involved in the restoration, storage, and rallying of vintage vehicles. To find out more about the society, and our current restoration project, please visit the Society page.


Ryhope Engines' Museum
05 November 2014

The Society was again invited to display vehicles at the Ryhope Pumping Station open day on Sunday, 26th October.  Bristol LHS VDL 769G (the "Newtonian") and the Daimler AHN 451B made the trip and such was the interest generated that one of both vehicles was on the road, unloading or loading for most of the afternoon.

Grainger Market, Newcastle
05 November 2014

During the schools' half-term week, two of the Society's vehicles, and a further two provided by the North-East Bus Preservation Trust, provided both a static display on Grainger Street, Newcastle, and an hourly bus service between the display and the Discovery Museum.  This was a great success, more ambitious than the corresponding event last year, and a very satisfying collaboration between the two societies.

Halloween at Beamish
05 November 2014

The Society has been active at Beamish again over Halloween's special events' evenings.  A Society vehicle (Bristol K GHN 189) with crew supplemented the road-based service anti-clockwise round the site.